This institute Mangalmurti proves its name as all the children are “Mangalmurti”, all caretakers, employees are also undoubtedly “Mangalmurti”. It is a “Karmateertha” of devoted and committed people working here.

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Hostel Facility

Comfortable Dormitories:

Family plays vital role a children’s development. Living in the family child learns to take care, love, affection, socializing.

Hostel facility was started in the year 1994 in the institute. In Mangalmurti, environment is created so that children feel at home.

Following are different section of the hostels-
There are 4 AC halls, each with capacity of 30beds. A toilet block sufficient for 30 children is attached to each hall. Every hall is managed by one Hall manager(Gruhpati) and four helpers.

Four groups are formed keeping in mind class(standard) and age these have been named as,:

  • Gopal

  • Kishan

  • Madhav

  • Shyam

In the morning, children are trained by helpers for daily activities like toilet, bath, dressing, brushing for self-care.

Children are brushed in morning as well as evening. In the morning, children wear school uniform after the bath. In the night, after dinner after thoroughly washing hands, legs they wear night dress. Later children watch entertaining programs on television in their halls and enjoy in their leisure time.
Institute has lift facility so that children having difficulty in walking and climbing stairs do not face any problem.
In the institute hall, all the students can watch movies together. Sometimes social and religious movies are shown to children which they like and enjoy a lot and feel happy.

Dining Hall

Children are provided pure vegetarian food in the institute as per the season. Children are taught about eating by themselves. Teachers take care of what and how the child is eating while the lunch is taken by the child. Light music in low volume is played in the background to maintain the cheerfulatmosphere. Every week buffet lunch is offered so that children also learn to take the food as per their choice and requirement by reaching to every counter in queue. While at the counter, other children learn to serve. Teachers remain available to help them whenever required.

Dinning hall has table and chairs and students are made to sit with their own group members.
In the free time, children perform various group activities and play indoor games like musical chair, lemon race, passing the ball, langdi, etc. They also play outdoor games like basketball, football, cricket etc.

Care takers and house managers talk to children, tell stories, ask small questions so that they get motivated, entertained and happy. Group music and music therapy sessions are also conducted during that time.

All the religious and national festivals are celebrated at the hostels such as Janmashtami, holi, dulhedi, Uttarayan, rakshabandhan, Independence Day, Republic Day etc. Children feel enthusiastic and enjoy the social gathering and environment.

On all the seven declared holidays and Sundays, children are taken to school garden and children park. Picnics are also organized so that holidays are fun filled and entertaining.
Thus Mangalmurti tries to makea more special home for children which also has flowers, plantations, shadow of big trees, grass lawn and creepers.

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