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Trust Reg. No. E1710 JND, Reg. No. 107 Under Disabilities Act 1995

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Mangalmurti Viklang Trust

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Mangalmurti Viklang Trust

Almighty has also given special children to the society. These children need to be given special education and training to help them become independent and live with self-respect and dignity.

With the noble objective of creating suitable environment for development, education and training ,Shri Dhirubhai Patel established Mangalmurti Viklang Trust in year 1988.

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In the school, children are educated and trained as per the scheme suggested by National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped(NIMH), Secunderabad which is a Central Government Institute.
This scheme includes:

  • Gross motor activity

  • Fine Motor Activity

  • Activities related to eating

  • Dressing Abilities

  • Self-Grooming Activities

  • Toilet Training

  • Speaking well

  • Ability to express bad

  • Social interaction

  • Education

  • Writing Ability

  • Numbers

  • Time

  • Money Transaction

  • Social awareness and integration

  • Entertainment and happiness related activities

  • Vocational activities

  • Kitchen related work( Domestic work)

Child is evaluated on above areas every three months. A graph is plotted and percentage development is noted.

In the development of self-advocacy students take up music, cultural, skill, SpecialOlympics, story-telling, Indoor-Outdoor games etc. General knowledge about usage of computer is given. Saving of data, typing work etc. is taught. In the field of cultural activities and sports, school children have won many medals at State level, National level and International level.

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Facility Of Therapy

Children with brain damage face challenges such as difficulty in speech, walking, muscle control, hands-eyes coordination, hyper activity, lack of concentration and learning disability. Therefore apart from teaching and training, multiple remedial therapies are to be given for overall development of the child.
Institute offers following therapies to children:

  • Speech Therapy

  • Physio Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Social Therapy

  • Sensory Therapy

  • Music Therapy

  • Play Therapy

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Main programs includes

  • Cleanliness awareness programin society by children in different parts of the city
  • Playing ‘Garba’ in different cities during Navratri Festival
  • Organizing rallies and competitions on the occasion of ‘World Mentally Handicapped Day’
  • Organizing various competitions with normal children such as-
  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Sports And Games

  • Music Singing And Playing Various Instruments

  • Youth Festival-Fun fare

  • Sports Get Together

  • Cultural Get Together

Normal persons and children are made aware about mentally challenged persons by conducting meeting of these special children with persons/employees of different government departments, students of schools and colleges

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“We love going to this school because of the method of teaching continuous evolution and the great team of instructors.”

Akshay Kumar

“It was nice to finally find the professional staff that know how to work with our kids and how to handle issues.”

Sudhir Gupta

“Here you can find everything about raising a child with special needs, including school and therapy programs.”

Vijay Singh

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